Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy of Remote Software Engineering Jobs.

We take the protection of your data very seriously and store only what we have to. In this policy, we will try to explain as good and comprehensible as possible which data we store and why.

If you have any questions regarding your data, you can always write to us at

Which data do we store and why?

When you sign up you have to enter your email address and your password, or you link a Google or GitHub account. If you connect a Google or GitHub account, we save the email address of that account.

We never store your password in our servers. Authentication of user accounts is handled by a third-party authentication and authorization service, Auth0.

We only use your email address to identify and query your user account and job listings data from our servers to present to you. We will never sell your email address to third parties.

Aside from your email address, we also store all other information that you manually provide on the website, such as your company or employer details, your role in the company, and details of every job listing you submit to the website.

Furthermore, we store page view counts and apply click counts for each job listing to display them on the website in your account and to determine basic performance and statistics of a job listing.

Who has access to your data and why?

To operate our website, we need the services of various third parties that may have contact with your data. We have an agreement with all of the companies listed below to ensure that they only use your information for their intended purpose.

Auth0 Inc.: We use Auth0 to authenticate and authorize users on the website. Auth0 is responsible for processing user authentication with an email and password, or a third-party Google or GitHub account. We therefore do not store your password on our servers. We only store your email address as described above.

Google Inc.: We use Google Analytics on our website for detailed statistics. Your activities are pseudonymized, recorded and stored by Google. Your IP address will be anonymized.

PayPal Holdings, Inc.: We use PayPal as our payment processor on the website. We therefore do not store any credit, debit, and other billing information on our servers. PayPal only provides us with webhooks to notify us whether a job listing has been successfully paid or not.

Mailerlite, Inc.: We use Mailerlite to send emails. We only send such emails to recepients that have opted in the email list sign up forms on the website.