Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Full Stack

Posted on Jan 30, 2023

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Job Details

Full Time
🇵🇹 Portugal

About Hopper

At Hopper, we are on a mission to become the world’s best — and most fun — place to book travel. By leveraging massive amounts of data, advanced machine learning algorithms, Hopper combines its world-class travel agency offering with proprietary fintech products to help customers spend less and travel better. Ranked the third largest online travel agency in North America, the app has been downloaded nearly 80 million times and continues to gain market share globally.

Here are just a few stats that demonstrate the company’s recent growth:

  • Hopper sold around $4 billion in travel and travel fintech in 2022, up nearly 3X over 2021. In 2022, Hopper increased its revenue 2.5X year-over year.
  • The company’s bespoke fintech products, such as Flight Disruption Guarantee and Price Freeze, now represent 30-40% of Hopper’s total app revenue.
  • Given the success of its fintech products, Hopper launched a B2B initiative called Hopper Cloud in late 2021. Through this partnership program, any travel provider (airlines, hotels, banks, travel agencies, etc.) can integrate and seamlessly distribute Hopper’s fintech or travel inventory. As its first Hopper Cloud partnership,
  • Hopper partnered with Capital One to co-develop Capital One Travel, a new travel portal designed specifically for cardholders.
  • Recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company four years in a row, Hopper has been downloaded over 80 million times and continues to have millions of new installs each month.
  • Hopper has raised over $700 million USD of private capital and is backed by some of the largest institutional investors and banks in the world. Hopper is primed to continue its acceleration as the world’s fastest-growing mobile-first travel marketplace.

Come take off with us!

The Position

Programmatic merchandising team at Hopper is working on improving the way a user can find purchases recently done and on suggestions and recommendations that might be relevant to complete users trips. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be building this flow focused on users experience, setting standards for code and performance.

You will participate in the product design process and contribute ideas from a product-focused engineering perspective. You will collaborate with a diverse group of people (Engineers, Designers, Product) to ensure the success of our award-winning product.


  • Take ownership of the programmatic merchandising front-end and BFF codebase, you can unleash your creativity to build our product
  • Be focused on delivering projects by removing obstacles as needed to ensure success
  • Collaborate with teams across the company to achieve goals
  • Build innovative consumer experiences, setting standards for code and performance
  • Create delightful user experiences in an app using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android
  • Build app flows using internal frameworks based on Scala language
  • Participate in architectural decisions that will help support our product as it scales
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of people, giving and receiving feedback for growth
  • Execute on big opportunities, helping Hopper rise to the top of the travel industry
  • Participate in the product design process and contribute ideas from a product-focused engineering perspective, it’s a collaborative process in which you’ll have a big impact on the product definition


An ideal candidate has:

  • Thrived in mobile technologies and delivered delightful user experiences at scale
  • Has full stack background
  • Strong understanding of Swift or Kotlin
  • Knowledge of Scala language or any framework for multi-platform applications from a single codebase
  • Experience working with Github to ensure the high standard of quality and code health, provide feedback on improving the quality of code
  • Ability to bring leading industry techniques and technologies to the table
  • Excelled in cross-functional teams, working fluidly with Product Managers, Backend Engineers, and other highly skilled specialists
  • A passionate focus on quality, writing testable code that performs well for our consumers
  • Preferably experience or willingness to work in a fast-growing startup environment
  • Willing to develop Scala skills to be able to use Hopper Scala frameworks

Preferred qualifications:

  • Full-stack background with languages such Scala

Our Hiring Process

1. Intro call - A short call to have a high-level conversation about the role, its requirements and the candidate's experience. This is a great time for candidates to ask questions about the role to see if it is something they are passionate about!

2. Competency screening - We strive to ensure that our competency screenings align with the individual role very closely, if the candidate does not enjoy the assignment we recommend opting out of the process. Examples of screenings can be HackerRank tests, TripleByte screening quizzes, and technical screens with an interviewer.

We understand that technical screening is an investment of time and effort for our candidates so we offer $100 in Carrot Cash (Hopper’s in-app currency) to candidates who complete this step!

3. The interview loop - A full interview loop typically has 3-5 interviewers that meet with the candidate for up to an hour each. The goal of the loop is to gather further details about the candidate's competencies, first-principle thinking, and culture fit. The loop process is typically completed within 10 days of its start. While it requires a great deal of time, it has been extremely effective to determine if we are a mutual fit!

How to Ace Hopper’s Engineering Interviews:


4. The bar raiser - This is the final step in the process where candidates meet with a higher-level employee, who has passed Hopper’s internal Bar Raiser program. This step is a great opportunity for candidates to ask any remaining questions, especially about Hopper’s culture and business outlook as the Bar Raiser is a business leader. The intention of this step is to determine if the candidate will help Hopper “raise the bar” and hire the best talent out there.


It is a thorough process, but it works. At a glance, our success rates for interviews are approximately 3% from the intro call to hired and 20% from the loop to hired. Our goal is to provide candidates with as much information as possible regarding the interview process to ensure that there are no surprises. If you are currently interviewing and have any questions about this process please reach out to the recruiter or hiring manager!


  • Well-funded and proven startup with large ambitions, competitive salary, and stock options
  • Unlimited PTO
  • WeWork All Access Pass OR Work-from-home stipend
  • An entrepreneurial culture where pushing limits and taking risks is everyday business
  • Open communication with management and company leadership
  • Small, dynamic teams = massive impact
  • Private Major & Medical Insurance
  • Life, Death & Disability Benefits
  • Parental Leave
Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Full Stackat Hopper