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(Senior) Data Engineer (f/m/d) - Remote in EMEA

Hygraph is looking for an experienced and passionate (Senior) Data Engineer to join our team! You will be the second data hire for Hygraph so there's a lot of overlap in this position with an Analytics Engineer. The overall goal of the data team is to empower the organization to make data-informed decisions. To realize this goal as a Data Engineer you will collaborate with our Data scientist and Product teams to further improve our data infrastructure. As one of the early members of the data team, you will have a lot of opportunities to shape the future of our data infrastructure. Some of your tasks and responsibilities: Design and build end-to-end data pipelines, including foundational datasets to support analytics, modeling, experimentation, and product needsWork closely with Data Scientist/Analyst, Product Managers and Engineering leadersHelp to define and improve our internal standards for style, maintainability, and best practices for a reliable data infrastructureAct as a thought leader in the domain of Data Engineering and Infrastructure Our current data stack mainly includes: Ingestion: Fivetran, RudderstackWarehouse: BigQueryTransformation: dbtBITools: Metabase, HexActivation: Hightouch

โŒ›Full Time
๐ŸŒŽ Worldwide

Senior Full-Stack Engineer (f/m/d) - Remote in EMEA

As our Senior Full Stack Engineer, you will define and implement new features as well as participate in improvements to ensure our userโ€™s experience is best in class. You will leverage your experience with a strong focus on performance and quality to push our product to the next level. Our tech stack TypeScript, Node.js, React, Golang, PSQLGraphQL, RESTPulumi, AWS, Vercel, Cloudflare, Fastly, New Relic, Github actions Some of your tasks and responsibilities: Collaborate closely within an autonomous, cross-functional team, solving exciting problems and planning continuous improvements.Design and implement scalable and performant solutions.Identify and improve performance, scalability, and testability bottlenecks.Make architectural decisions and recommendations for creating best in class user experience.Participate as part of internal Engineering Guilds, to identify architectural improvements, prioritize and act on them.Bring creative ideas and expertise to the table, having a real impact on our product and engineering practices.Work in an environment that supports your individual growth. Expectations timeline 1 Month You have gone through different onboarding sessions covering our product, current architecture, and relevant services we run on production, learned about the company's origin and current vision and met colleagues from different departments as part of onboarding as well as weekly virtual social events. You'd have started to get to know your teammates, learned how we work daily, and contributed to our codebase. 3 Months You will be familiar with most concepts related to our product and worked alongside your teammates to deliver features and improvements on production successfully. You'd have had a few 1:1s with your team lead to check in on how things are going, you will have participated in some Engineering Guild sessions and collaborated with fellow engineers to improve our architecture and developer experience. 6 Months You will have made solid contributions to our product and stack, influenced our ways of working, shared knowledge and previous experiences, helping substantially with important decision-making.

โŒ›Full Time
๐ŸŒŽ Worldwide
Full StackJavaScriptTypeScriptNodeReactSQLGolang

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