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IndustrySoftware Development
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Senior Software Engineer

Hi, I’m Chris, co-founder and CTO at Navattic. I’m excited about this role because it has many responsibilities I want as an engineer. As a senior software engineer, you’ll work on ambitious projects extending and supporting our platform’s capabilities across our tech stack. Examples of what engineers at Navattic have worked on: Developed a novel process for serializing and replaying web applications (the core of interactive product demos)Built generalized support for serializing web applications across browsers and web technologies that “just works” (we pride ourselves on making this engineering accomplishment feel simple)Made strides in improving the performance of downloading and uploading large amounts of resources quickly and efficientlyExtended our product offering to support interactive demos for desktop and mobile appsBuilt out several custom no-code builders across our platformCreated the beginning of our engagement platform to surface the value we provide to our customersWe’ve been fortunate to experience impressive growth this past year - in 2022 alone, we’ve exceeded growth targets every quarter, grew to 400+ customers and partnered with top names in the software industry including Elastic, Digital Ocean, Dropbox and Mixpanel. We are well funded by top-tier investors such as Y Combinator, have a lean team, are cash flow profitable, and believe we are early on the product adoption curve. HOW WE WORK Our engineering team is a pint-sized powerhouse that takes pride in tackling ambitious projects while making the hard things seem easy. We come from different backgrounds, but are united by a shared love for building software that people love to use. Care deeply about user experience and deliver code that optimize for the short (prioritize getting job done) and long term (sustainable architecture).Work autonomously, from a product and technical perspective. Highly motivated to get the job done.Deliberate communication and action. We have daily standups and use slack, but prioritize respecting each others time so we can be productive.Seek to increase leverage, not team size. TECH STACK TypescriptNext.js / VercelPlanetScaleGraphQLPrismaCloudflare workers

Full Time
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