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Senior Software Engineer

🤔 Sound like you? 🤔 Writes code gud: You are a software engineer generalist and you’re good at it. You own technical architecture, enjoy identifying future needs and ideating on solutions to help us scale. You thoroughly research and document implementation options and their trade-offs, and make the best choice. You complete your work with a high degree of quality. Mentorship: You enjoy pointing out code that ‘smells’, enforcing best practices/conventions, teaching new concepts, and reviewing code/coaching junior engineers through your reviews. Technical Direction Setter: You are a documentation god; laying the groundwork for best practices, contributing to the wiki, owning code conventions guide and linting rules. You vet and re-vet tools and frameworks and you’re not afraid to call out the CTO on his shit! Glue: You are a great teammate and usually the glue for your team. Doing the needed, but often invisible, tasks to keep the team moving forward and shipping their best work. Working behind the scenes to expedite the most important projects and ensure that they cross the finish line. Have taken the Oath of Growth: You have a growth mindset. You give and receive feedback well without being combative or getting defensive, take accountability for your mistakes and choose to learn from them, and you approach subjects and issues with curiosity. Problem solver: You excel at understanding and solving complex problems, identifying tech pain points, and thinking about future implications of a solution/feature. You also have incredible attention to detail. Communication enthusiast: You have strong communication (written and verbal) and can use that ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with a diverse range of people and job functions. Authentic: You bring your authentic self to work and are able to have fun, not take yourself too seriously, and genuinely love what you do. 💻 Role 💻 StartPlaying is a web-based product. (just fyi 🙃 )Champion the best engineering practices and build excellent engineering culture within the organization.Help estimate, plan, and execute projects, features, and integrations.Own and deliver technical projects from the planning stage through shipping.Work with CTO to define the overall technical architecture for major parts of the product, focusing on the user experience.Lay the groundwork for and help maintain engineering guidelines, processes, and coding standards.Continually grow your technical skills to solve our hardest technical challenges around quality, performance, robustness, and reliability.Laugh at CEO’s poor attempts at humor.Use modern tools and frameworks to develop new product functionality.Use and develop your skills as a mentor and technical leader to help build up junior engineers.Perform design and code reviews and advise/mentor junior engineers.Understand how key technical decisions will drive business outcomes.Contribute to the product process: thinking through UX, beautiful UI, and connecting with customers to solve their problems.Actually writing code!

Full Time
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