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IndustryTechnology, Information and Internet
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Senior Software Engineer

Welcome to Contra! Weโ€™re an empathetic, kind, and humble team looking for Software Engineers to join us in building the Future of Work and the best community for independents. This is a full-stack role, meaning youโ€™ll have the opportunity to contribute across our web applications and backend services, while focusing on a specific part of the stack that plays to your strengths and preferences, like Frontend or Backend. Our team loves to innovate to benefit everyone and deliver a top-notch Developer Experience for our internal team: fast pipelines, great API tooling, and the like. If this environment resonates with your engineering values, weโ€™d love to talk to you! How youโ€™ll add value at Contra Contribute to our rapidly growing React and NodeJS codebases (both within our Turborepo powered monorepo and our stand-alone apps) โ€” everything from our web application to our backend GraphQL API, to our internal services that power payments.Contribute well-tested, end-to-end TypeScript code. We are big fans of Vitest for unit testing and Playwright for end-to-end testing.Craft readable, performant, and scaleable SQL queries and database schemas to solve data modeling problems.Help improve our internal design system, codebase architecture, application performance, and Developer Experience.Participate in all parts of the product development process, like design critiques, code reviews, and cross-functional planning with your team. Our stack Backend: AlloyDB(PostgreSQL), GraphQL, GraphQL Helix, NodeJS, Redis, TemporalData: Airbyte, DBT, Google BigQuery, Google Colab, LookerDevOps: ArgoCD, Docker, GitHub, Google Cloud Platform, KubernetesFrameworks: NextJSFrontend: GLSL shaders, React, react-three-fiber, Relay, Stitches, styled-components, Suspense, Three.jsLanguages: TypescriptTesting: Playwright, VitestTools: Chromatic, Linear, Mergify, Posthog, Slack, Stream, Turbopack, Turborepo

โŒ›Full Time
๐ŸŒŽ North America
JavaScriptTypeScriptNodePostgreSQLGraphQLRedisNextReactFull Stack

Senior DevOps Engineer

We're looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our engineering team and help us build the best platform for independents & clients. As a DevOps engineer, you are an integral member of our engineering organization. You'll not only help scale our infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines, but also have the chance to shape our technological choices and processes for ensuring the growth, stability and success of the Contra platform. This is a major role at a rapidly expanding startup, working with a team of highly accomplished yet humble people who are passionate about our company's mission. โœจ How youโ€™ll add value at Contra: Expert knowledge in a wide variety of DevOps technologies & best practicesKnowledge and experience leveraging Google Cloud Platform natively and with complimentary techExcellent communication and documentation skillsCollaboration with the rest of the team through regular communication, information sharing and mentorshipDesigning, engineering and maintaining solutions for a highly resilient, scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructureImproving & scaling CI/CD pipelinesDeveloping, maintaining and improving monitoring, alerting and reporting toolsProviding on-going operational supportIdentifying and improving the developer experienceBridging the gap between our infrastructure and our applications, you have experience and comfort working within TypeScript/JavaScript Node.js environments and can identify and resolve issues that straddle the line between "infrastructure and applicationWe expect you to be self-sufficient and take the initiative to drive the company forward. We are looking for individuals who are highly energetic, capable and ambitious, and who are eager to expand their knowledge and show how their contributions help achieve business objectives. Our stack: ArgoCDAlloyDB / PostgreSQLGithub ActionsGoogle Cloud PlatformFluentbitKubernetes, Helm & DockerNode.jsMeillisearchOpsGenieRedisTemporalTraefikTurbo repoTypeScript

โŒ›Full Time
๐ŸŒŽ North America
Dev OpsPostgreSQLGithub ActionsGCPKubernetesDockerNodeRedisTypeScript

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