HQSt Julian's , Malta
IndustryInformation Technology & Services
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Senior Backend Engineer, Engineering Scalability

We're looking for an enthusiastic and resourceful software engineer, passionate about building Hotjar foundational systems and infrastructure, someone who loves being part of a team, whilst enjoying the autonomous nature of working remotely. Working as part of a fully remote squad in the Engineering Enablement tribe, your role will be centered around engineering core systems to serve the scaling needs of our product. We are looking for people with strong software engineering fundamentals and experienced with Python, familiar with high throughput backend services, distributed architectures. Hotjar tech stack is heavily reliant on AWS and Kubernetes, and most of our code is written in Python. We use Kafka as a message broker, Traefik as our Ingress and a lot of different storage systems (Postgres, Redis, Clickhouse, Elasticsearch). As part of this role you will be exposed to a lot of the infrastructure our platform and product is based on. What you will do: Own backend services end to end, from creating the first RFC to supporting them in productionCreate a platform for backend services, by leveraging our existing stack (Traefik proxy, Kafka, Kubernetes) or by introducing new ideas and models for fast onboarding and iterationDive into event-based architecture patterns and abstract them to make it easy to adopt our message bus stackOptimize the way we distribute backend tasks using messaging queues - Celery is our default nowHelp product squads in an hands-on way when extracting or creating new backend servicesCreate documentation and guidelines for our standards, so teams can understand what's running under the hood and how to debug or perform fast experiments with their servicesLeverage your expertise to provide feedback during code reviews or in RFC documents and design proposals Please do not apply for this role if you are not physically located in Europe, Africa or the Middle East (UTC-1 to UTC+3).

Full Time
🌍 Europe
PythonPostgreSQLAWSRedisBack End

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