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Senior Developer Advocate

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer and dedicated educator to join us as a Senior Developer Advocate to help people get familiar with and use Prisma most effectively. While you have a background in software development, you should truly be driven and motivated by helping and educating others, and working with developers of all experience levels. What does a Senior Developer Advocate do at Prisma? Here are some of the most typical responsibilities of a Developer Advocate at Prisma: Coding demo projects and production-ready app templates: Build, share, document, and maintain sample Prisma apps to help users understand the main use cases of Prisma.Writing technical articles and documentation: Write tutorials and other technical content.Speaking at events and livestreams: Speak about Prisma-related topics on livestreams and in-person events.Creating technical videos: Create video tutorials, demos, and additional videos for the Prisma YouTube channel.Building community: Build and maintain personal relationships and contribute to our active community by engaging directly with our user base.Helping users: Support Prisma users with their problems on GitHub and Slack, potentially jump on calls and deep dive into their codebases.

Full Time
🌎 Worldwide
Back EndNodeSQL

Senior Cloud Engineer

We are in search of a Senior Cloud Engineer to help shape Prisma’s engineering and company-wide infrastructure. As part of a small team, you’ll have an incredible and lasting impact on recommending, managing and improving the infrastructure used by teams across the company. At Prisma, we are building the data layer for modern applications, with a focus on serverless. We need the right infrastructure to support these solutions, so we invite you to join us in realizing this vision. Here are some of the most typical responsibilities of a Senior Cloud Engineer at Prisma: Manage and improve our infrastructure, shaping all our services and ensuring that our infrastructure is running in a cost-effective manner, optimizing and reducing costs and resources as necessary.Create abstractions and reusable components to standardize and consolidate infrastructure patterns across teams to help them deliver their goals.Provide expertise and hands-on guidance to other teams to find solutions to their infrastructure needs.Share knowledge and best practices in the area of infrastructure to improve delivery, productivity and velocity across the organization.Participate in an on-call rotation for incident response of our critical systems and components.Own and define processes for the tools and services we need to operate as a successful company, seeking to minimize the process effort for everyone at Prisma.

Full Time
🌎 Worldwide
CloudAWSGCPAzureTerraformGithub ActionsLinux

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