Senior C++ Qt/QML developer

Posted on Apr 12, 2023

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Job Details

Full Time
🌎 Worldwide

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About Status

Status strives to develop open source software that can be used as a secure communication tool that upholds human rights. We are building the tools and infrastructure for the advancement of a secure, private, and open web3.

With the high level goals of preserving the right to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent, open manner, Status is building a community where anyone is welcome to join and contribute.

As an organization, Status seeks to push the web3 ecosystem forward through research, creation of developer tools, and support of the open source community.

As a product, Status is an open source, Ethereum-based app that gives users the power to chat, transact, and access a revolutionary world of DApps on the decentralized web. But Status is also building foundational infrastructure for the whole Ethereum ecosystem, including the Nimbus ETH 1.0 and 2.0 clients, the Keycard hardware wallet, and the Waku messaging protocol (a continuation of Whisper).

As a team, Status has been completely distributed since inception. Our team is currently 150+ core contributors strong, and welcomes a growing number of community members from all walks of life, scattered all around the globe.

We care deeply about open source, and our organizational structure has minimal hierarchy and no fixed work hours. We believe in working with a high degree of autonomy while supporting the organization's priorities.

The Position

Status is looking for multiple senior experienced C++/QML UI devs to join our growing desktop dev team and to work with us to create a permissionless, decentralized, censorship proof group chat platform. Role responsibilities include developing new features, creating and enhancing components in our QML UI toolkit component library, advising and assisting other members of the desktop dev team with solving challenging QML UI development problems, and perhaps working on the Go backend if this is something you would enjoy. As a team we try to match task assignment with the individual interests and passions of our team members, so there is a high degree of flexibility with regards to what you would be working on. If you are a passionate C++/QML expert who knows all the ins and outs of C++ and QT/QML UI development this could be an ideal role for you.

The desktop team is spread between Europe and North America with crossover work hours being the European timezone afternoon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ideally you will be located in a timezone between UTC -8 and UTC +3 e.g. anywhere in-between Panama and Moscow. Work is async using Status, Google Meet and Github, typically in Scrum Sprints.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Build new features, enhance existing functionality and fix issues in the Status Desktop application.
  2. Help develop and maintain Status’s QML UI component library (primarily used by the Status Desktop product)
  3. Advise and assist the other developers in the Desktop team as needed to help solve the hardest QML UI development challenges
  4. Contribute to C++ and Go codebases (and help with transitioning the codebase from Nim to C++ if you join us prior to this transition being completed), but don’t worry if you don’t have any prior Go or Nim experience.
  5. Be one of our resident experts for everything related to C++ and Qt/QML UI development.


You ideally will have

  • Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of these criteria, we’d still love to hear from you anyway if you think you’d be a great fit for this role!
  • Expert-level experience implementing UIs using Qt/QML/C++
  • A strong ability to think about components and modules as they relate to other components as part of a larger system
  • A very strong attention to detail and the willingness to deliver pixel-perfect UI according to the designs.
  • Provide feedback and product ideas to the designers as needed
  • Experience with multithreading / concurrency
  • Good communication skills in English
  • A strong alignment to our principles. We are a passion-driven project on a mission to build tools that protect and enable free speech.

Bonus points if you have

  • Experience working in an open-source organization
  • A strong interest in blockchain technology and have a good understanding of Ethereum.
  • Worked in a remote distributed environment that values asynchronous communication
  • Knowledge of Go and/or Nim and/or Solidity is a plus
  • Experience with using QT/QML to develop cross platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) desktop applications and mobile applications (iOS, Android) is a plus
  • Prior experience with using Squish for functional testing QT apps
  • Experience implementing openGL rendering in a QML context
  • Any background or experience with cryptography and/or security

Our Hiring Process

The hiring process for this role is usually as follows (sometimes adapted):

  1. Introductory conversation - Talent team
  2. 2-3 Technical Interviews with Desktop Qt/QML Developers
  3. Team lead interview - Iuri, Desktop Team Lead
  4. In some instances, a talk with John, Product Strategy Lead
  5. 'Meet the Desktop team' interviews with 3-4 Desktop Contributors (30-40m each)


  • 🏢 We are entirely remote - you’re free to choose your work location. Depending on circumstances, we allow a budget of up to 250 Euros per month to cover the cost of a co-working space.
  • 💪Flexibility to choose your style of work (working hours, timezone, etc). We care about getting the job done, not about the traditional corporate structure.
  • 💰You’ll be paid for the services you provide to us at competitive rates (our ranges are posted on the job descriptions).
  • 💰 You can decide on the type of currency and split in which you wish to be paid from the following currencies: fiat currency & ETH, DAI or SNT.*
  • 💹 You’ll also receive an allocation of SNT (Status Network Tokens) - to further incentivise your contributions to Status.
  • 🏖️ Unlimited Time-Off Policy - you decide how much time-off you wish to take with a minimum suggested amount of 20 days per year.
  • ✈️ You can join us at relevant conferences and events, as well as Status offsites.
  • 📖 You will develop new skills and knowledge from this unique experience by working on and driving cutting edge developments in the decentralised web space.
  • 🍻Every year, Status gets together in one location for a week of planning, socialising and fun. So far we’ve been to Prague, Bangkok, Istanbul & Dubai.
Senior C++ Qt/QML developerat Status