Machine Learning Solutions Engineer

Posted on Apr 12, 2023

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Job Details

Full Time
🇺🇸 United States

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About Roboflow

Join the team. Machine learning is the most transformative technology of our lifetime. Your work will shape its adoption.

Computer vision is the input that software relies on to (re)write how we interact with the world around us. Developers need it to be broadly accessible.

Over 100,000 developers build with Roboflow’s tools, but that’s a small fraction of how many will need to. Every existing industry—and many new ones—will use computer vision. From diagnosing cancer more accurately to identifying new galaxies to building electric vehicles, engineers are building the future we want to live in with CV.

You can work from anywhere in the world, though you have the opportunity to co-locate with team members often through various onsites, lighthouses (sporadic coworking in cities of your choosing ), or other team members in your area. We call it remote, not distant.

We hire “full stack people.” You own an outcome and possess (or eagerly learn) the skills to deliver it. As an engineer, that may mean understanding a feature, writing it, and documenting it for users. In growth, that could include building example projects, sharing them, and driving their adoption.

We offer industry leading benefits, so you can focus on doing your best work (including 401k, covering up to 100% of your healthcare premium, and a productivity stipend to cover the tools you need to do your best work, like your home internet bill or co-working pass).

The Position

What You’ll Do

Because our customers use computer vision in so many different industries (accelerating cancer research, improving manufacturing processes, enabling automated checkout, and so much more), your workday will always include an engaging variety of challenges. You will work with sales on delivering demos, building proofs of concepts and prototypes with prospects, and in answering technical questions, assisting in closing deals. You will use your knowledge gathered through sales motions and work with our Customer Success team to determine ways to best drive adoption and successful implementations of computer vision within their products. You will also contribute to the post-sales process (Customer Engineering) in an engineering capacity to ensure our customers are successful throughout their journey with Roboflow. We don’t just stop at signature and onboarding. We want our customers to be life long partners with Roboflow and ensure they are receiving the ROI they envisioned when they first signed on. If you think, “I’m an engineer that loves sharing my work with others,” you’d be in great company in this role.

Who you’ll work with

As an early first Machine Learning Solutions engineer hire, you’ll be partnering directly with our co-founder/CEO, Sales leadership and Customer Success leadership to not only do great work in the role, but shape how this function works for the future of Roboflow.

In this role, you’ll:

  • Support Sales team to assess technical fit
  • Demo Roboflow to potential customers, answer questions about Roboflow, ultimately convincing them Roboflow is the correct solution
  • You will collaborate with Sales and Engineering teams to develop POCs and propose solutions that best fit a customers needs
  • Talk with potential customers, understand their problems, and assess whether or not Roboflow is a good fit
  • Give presentations to potential customers on why Roboflow is the perfect platform for their computer vision use cases.
  • Create technical content to demonstrate best practices (e.g. sample apps, documentation, videos, etc.)
  • Dive into our codebase to understand technical limitations in Roboflow that need solving via code (e.g. a bug, a missing feature, etc.) to help close a deal
  • Work with sales to develop strategy and building roadmaps for our potential customers
  • ​​Help potential customers in performing analysis on their image data to answer specific business questions and identify opportunities for improvement through computer vision
  • Test and validate new product features with usage and consumption in mind
  • Create a repository of reusable artifacts as you build out demos and POC’s, that can be used by customers to accelerate their Roboflow journey
  • Work with Customer Success team to improve processes, documentation and the overall customer experience
  • Assist our Customer Success team with customers onboarding, adoption and engineering efforts.


  • An enthusiastic, strong, technical generalist
  • A background in computer science or a related field
  • Technical experience in a professional environment, ideally a startup
  • Strong knowledge of APIs, building webapps with JavaScript and/or Python
  • An awareness of the machine learning development lifecycle (and eagerness to learn more)
  • Previous experience talking with customers, working sales motions and solving their problems
  • Ability to think on your feet, and solve problems during calls with technical customers
  • The ability to speak to potential customers about their vision and turn this vision into Roboflow use case
  • The sales mindset where it comes naturally and you are sharing your passion for Roboflow with those around you, rather than just “selling.”

Our Hiring Process

We're a tightly-knit and highly technical team. As a startup, speed and decisiveness are important; we try to demonstrate that during the hiring process.

  • Application screen
  • Technical screen (via Triplebyte for most engineering roles)
  • Zoom call with hiring manager
  • Zoom call with founder
  • Hacking together on something with the team for a few hours (where applicable)
  • Culture discussion, explanation of benefits, alignment on offer with HR
  • Written offer
  • Offer acceptance
  • On-prem onboarding where practicable

We aim to screen, interview, make a decision, send and finalize an offer within 2 weeks of application.


  • Unlimited Vacation. Not only do we offer unlimited PTO, but we also incentivize our employees to take the time off they need. At Roboflow, we require all our team members to take at least 2 weeks vacation per year (plus more if needed!) and reward them with a special gift when they do so. Happy Roboflowers = happy customers.
  • Stock Options. We want all our employees to take ownership of building the future of computer vision so we offer all full-time employees stock option grants. We have a shared interest in growing and building together.
  • Health Benefits. We offer generous medical, dental, and vision coverage and contribute up to 100% for individual, spouse, dependent, and families for full-time employees. Yes, you read that right. We cover 100%!
  • Flexible Schedule. Need to pick up your kid early? Want to work from anywhere in the world? We support our employees personally and professionally, which is why we understand that life doesn't happen just outside the hours of 8am – 5pm. Roboflow offers a flexible work environment so you don't have to choose between work, family, and a peaceful state of mind.
  • Parental Leave. We offer 12 weeks paid parental leave for new births or adoptions for all parents, and the time off may be taken anytime within the first year of the birth. In addition, we offer 1 week paid leave for the primary caregiver prior to the due date of the child.
  • Travel Stipend. We want to encourage and allow employees to work in-person together, solve big problems, and build relationships; so Roboflow gives a $2500 per year stipend to allow teammates to travel anywhere they want and work together in person. The dates and location are completely up to them!
  • Productivity Stipend. Team members given are a monthly stipend to purchase anything that might make their remote working locations more comfortable, productive, or successful, like upgrading their home internet or working in a co-working space. We understand that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to remote working, so we want to foster a productive and creative environment that works best for each team member.
  • Professional Development. Want to read an educational book, attend a conference, or take a class to further your professional development? Roboflow offers opportunities to help you grow and learn in your career. Our team is currently taking management and leadership training courses!
  • 401k. To help our team invest in their future, we offer a 401k program through Guideline.
Machine Learning Solutions Engineerat Roboflow