Build Infrastructure Engineer

Posted on Apr 30, 2023

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Job Details

βŒ›Full Time
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States

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About Expo

Expo helps people create and distribute outstanding application software. With Expo, you can write React and JavaScript to create apps that work natively across the web, Android, and iOS. World-class organizations like Restaurants Brands International (Tim Hortons, Burger King), Valve, Brex, Cameo, Flexport, the EPA, PrettyLittleThing, Pizza Hut, Blackline, and thousands of others choose Expo to build their apps that are used by millions of people every day.

The Position

We're looking for engineers to come work with us on EAS Build and Submit. The responsibilities of this role are to design, implement, and operate new developer-facing features as part of these services. You'll also work on internal-facing improvements that make it easier for us to manage our services, optimize speed and costs, and generally make it enjoyable to work at Expo.

You'll need to write software that runs correctly and efficiently and be responsible for its uptime and performance. Each engineer at Expo is responsible for the code they write, including adding tests and monitoring and being part of their team's on-call rotation.


Skills and experience

The ideal candidate to come work with us on EAS Build and Submit would be comfortable and experienced with devops, systems programming, and writing services. You should have experience writing healthy systems that are robust, self-healing, and easy to monitor, and be deeply familiar with managing elastically scaled virtual machines and containers. One of our major cloud providers is Google Cloud β€” if you've used AWS or Azure extensively, a lot of your skills and knowledge will carry over.

You'll write a lot of TypeScript (Node.js) and Go. We're also extra interested in candidates who have experience with Swift and systems-level knowledge of macOS.

We don't require a CS degree but expect you to have the knowledge you might learn from courses on OSes, databases, and distributed systems. We also expect a strong fundamental understanding of programming and that you're comfortable writing lots of code.

Qualities that make you a good fit

  • Can independently make decisions and come up with new, effective ideas on how to improve the process of creating and distributing application software.
  • Have experience writing services that stay healthy, even when you've moved on to another project.
  • Are able to quickly respond to your coworkers in order to make sure Expo can make quick, continuous progress.
  • Are good at getting unstuck and helping others get unstuck.
  • Understand why well-designed tools and APIs are important, and can build well-designed and well-tested features quickly.
  • Are good at effectively communicating your ideas and code through documentation, GitHub comments, blog posts, and other writing.
  • Understand the problems and aspirations of Expo’s users, which are problems you think of on a daily basis.

Our Hiring Process

Our interviews look for how you solve technical problems, think about engineering, and work as an engineer. We'll ask you about how you'd solve different software problems and the tradeoffs you make. We expect you know how to program and we don't ask a lot of algorithmic coding questions.

The interviews are over video calls. Or, if you're close to Palo Alto, we'll do a mix of in-person and video interviews.

The process usually takes about two weeks. If you have time or scheduling constraints just let us know.


  • Competitive compensation (salary, equity)
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Flexible schedule and location
  • $6,000 equipment budget for computers, phones, other equipment you need to be most productive
Build Infrastructure Engineerat Expo