Senior Frontend Engineer

Posted on Feb 10, 2023

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Job Details

Full Time
🇺🇸 United States

About Co:Create

At Co:Create, we believe in the power and potential of web3 to fundamentally redefine how brands engage with consumers and share value with external brand contributors, collaborators and community members.

To support this evolution, we are building a platform that allows brands to harness the power of web3 by launching tokenized loyalty and rewards programs that create more value, voice and ownership for their community.

We’ve raised a $25M seed round led by a16z crypto with participation from Packy McCormick of Not Boring, VaynerFund, Rarebreed Ventures, and notable angels at RTFKT, Tessera, OpenSea, CAA, Coinbase and BoysClub.

The Position

As Senior Frontend Engineer, you will lead the architecture and implementation of the Co:Create frontend web-app. You will help build out the UI for all B2B admin functionality and user reward mechanics, including minting NFTs, redeeming rewards, etc. This role is meant for someone who desires to have significant ownership and meaningful impact within the web3 ecosystem.

You’ll get to

  • Architect and implement the Co:Create frontend web-app
  • Own features in the web-app end-to-end, from product definition, through implementation, testing and to deployment to production.
  • Define the user experience of how a user interfaces with the Co:Create loyalty protocol
  • Provide strategic direction on the frontend development


  • 5+ years of experience building architecting and developing web applications using popular Javascript frameworks, HTML and CSS.
  • Demonstrated exceptional ability in building interactive web user experiences
  • An eye for design and creative flare
  • Clear, concise written and verbal communication and a track record influencing technical and non-technical staff.
  • A motivated and driven self-starter.
  • A highly skilled developer with an ownership mentality

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: A Background Interview

After you have applied, and we have reviewed your application, we may do a quick 15-30 minute video call with a member of the team, to assess whether there is a mutual fit and interest. During this call, we will ask some basic questions about your background. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

Step 2: A One-on-One

The next step in the process is a one-on-one interview with our Chief Architect to discuss your knowledge, experience, and past projects. This will let you get into great detail about your prior work that the author of this webpage couldn’t dream to understand (though he pretends to sometimes).

It’s an opportunity to brag about yourself and your prior accomplishments, and the lessons you’ve learned.

Don’t be humble. It’s an opportunity to brag about yourself and your prior accomplishments, and the lessons you’ve learned. It’s also an opportunity to learn all about us and what you’d be building.

Step 3: Take Home Assignment + Followup

The next step in the process is a take home assignment. Show us what you can do! The challenge is not make work, but is a real assessment of a problem we are currently facing.

After you’ve completed the work, several members of the engineering team will discuss it with you, and give you an opportunity to discuss your work. You also will get to ask us any additional questions you may have.

We love this interview because it gives you a sense of what you will be working on, and gives us a sense of whether your skills are the right fit.

Step 4: Panel Interview

The next step is a panel interview, where you will get to meet with several teammates at once.

This interview is a structured behavioral interview. That means we are going to ask you questions about your past experiences. We will ask questions like “Tell us about an example of a time where you surprised or thrilled someone with your work?” or “Tell us about a time when you had to change priorities quickly.” We are not going to ask you to speculate on some hypothetical “how many golf balls fit in a DAO” question.

The best way to prepare is to come with good stories about accomplishments you are proud of and failures you’ve learned from.

We want to know about your past experiences - good and bad. The best way to prepare is to come with good stories about accomplishments you are proud of and failures you’ve learned from. Bonus points if those stories relate to the job description and our company values. The interview will take an hour and 15 minutes. and you will have a chance to ask questions at the end.

We love this interview because it is proven to remove bias from the interview process and focus on the areas of your background that matter most for the job and for our company values.

Step 5: References.

Finally, we will be checking references. No matter how well we interview, we can’t possibly know you as well as your references do.

Optional: You Interview Us

After Step 5, we will extend (hopefully you) our offer. Before you accept, is there anyone else you want to meet? Are there team members you want to talk to again, in more detail? If so, we want to give you that opportunity.

That’s It!

That’s it. We try to move fast, in a very intentional way. We’re convinced this process allows you to figure out whether we are a good fit for your career, and vice versa. It does so in a way that allows your background to shine, removes bias, and prevents you from having the same conversation multiple times.


Salary and Compensation

  • Competitive salary, as well as lucrative equity and tokenomics incentives. For more information, see How We Determine Salary at Co:Create ->
  • Annual salary: $165,120- $202,800
  • Equity compensation: 0.10% - 0.22%

Benefits & perks

  • Fully remote team (US time-zone based employees only at this time)
  • Team offsites twice a year at locations across the country
  • Health insurance
  • 401k Retirement plan
  • Unlimited vacation & paid time off
  • Two company-wide shut downs a year to give everyone the week off in both the summer and winter.
  • $325/month in “get what you need” funds.
  • Hate Monday meetings? so do we! We have a strong “no meetings” policy on Mondays.
Senior Frontend Engineerat Co:Create